Document Conventions

The following table lists the text conventions that are used throughout this guide.

Table 1. Text Conventions





Identifies command syntax examples

device(config)# interface ethernet 1/1/6


User interface (UI) components such as screen or page names, keyboard keys, software buttons, and field names

On the Start menu, click All Programs.


Publication titles

Refer to the RUCKUS Small Cell Release Notes for more information.

Notes, Cautions, and Safety Warnings

Notes, cautions, and warning statements may be used in this document. They are listed in the order of increasing severity of potential hazards.

Note: A NOTE provides a tip, guidance, or advice, emphasizes important information, or provides a reference to related information.
Attention: An ATTENTION statement indicates some information that you must read before continuing with the current action or task.
CAUTION: A CAUTION statement alerts you to situations that can be potentially hazardous to you or cause damage to hardware, firmware, software, or data.
DANGER: A DANGER statement indicates conditions or situations that can be potentially lethal or extremely hazardous to you. Safety labels are also attached directly to products to warn of these conditions or situations.