Preboot eXecution Environment boot support

The Preboot eXecution Environment (PXE), also known as Pre-Execution Environment, is an environment to boot devices using a network interface independent of data storage devices (such as hard disks) or installed operating systems. Consider an environment in which a PXE-capable host forms a dynamic LAG with a FastIron device. After the host successfully boots and runs an operating system, the LACP initiates negotiation to form the dynamic LAG for network access. To boot from the network, the host must be able to connect with the FastIron device initially without a dynamic LAG. To enable this, you can configure PXE boot support on one of the member ports of a dynamic LAG. This ensures that the port is logically operational as soon as you connect this port to the host, even when the dynamic LAG is not operating. At this stage, the port is in "force-up" mode and the show lag command shows the operational status "Ope" of this port as "Frc". Once the host successfully boots from the network using this port, the dynamic LAG can form to connect the host to the network with the LAG link. Even if the dynamic LAG fails later, this port is brought back to "force-up" mode and remains logically operational.