LAG Virtual Anchor Speed

The LAG interface retains the reference operational speed as long as the member port is up. When the last port goes down, the operational speed is reset. Depending on the subsequent sequence of ports coming up, the LAG interface reference speed is used.

Since we rely on the first UP port to choose anchor operational speed, following behaviors aren't avoidable
  • Error-disabled ports may change over a system reload because the anchor operational speed can differ depending on the order in which the links are brought up.

  • Similar situation can happen when all lag member port goes down and later ports are brought up in different order.

As above behaviors can affect traffic forwarding over the LAG, make use of "speed-duplex" CLI available under vlag interface level to force a desired speed value for a LAG. As "speed-duplex" will be persistent over the reload, lag ports error disabled due to operational speed mismatch will be same before and after the reload.

Note: SPX-LAG operational speed validation is not supported.