Remote Fault Notification on 1Gbps fiber connections

Note: Remote Fault Notification (RFN) is only available for 1 Gbps Ethernet Fiber ports. It is not available for 10G/100G ports and Gbps Ethernet Copper ports.

For fiber-optic connections, you can optionally configure a transmit port to notify the receive port on the remote device whenever the transmit port becomes disabled.

When you enable this feature, the transmit port notifies the remote port whenever the fiber cable is either physically disconnected or has failed. When this occurs and the feature is enabled, the device disables the link and turns OFF both LEDs associated with the ports.

For more information about the parameters supported with the gig-default command, see "Changing the Gbps fiber negotiation mode" section in the RUCKUS FastIron Monitoring Configuration Guide.

By default, RFN is enabled. You can configure RFN as follows:

  • On a trunk group
  • On an individual interface