Displaying MRP information

You can display the following MRP information:

  • Topology group configuration information
  • Ring configuration information and statistics

Topology group configuration information

To display topology group information, enter the show topology-group command. Refer toDisplaying topology group information for more information.

Ring configuration information and statistics

To display ring information, enter the show metro-ring command.

device# show metro-ring

Metro Ring 1
Ring       State     Ring       Master     Topo       Hello      Prefwing
id                   role       vlan       group      time(ms)   time(ms)
2          enabled   member     2          not conf   100        300
Ring interfaces    Interface role     Forwarding state    Active interface    Interface Type
ethernet 1/1/1       primary            disabled            none                Regular
ethernet 1/1/2       secondary          forwarding          ethernet 2          Tunnel
RHPs sent          RHPs rcvd          TC RHPs rcvd        State changes
3                    0                    0                     4