VSRP-aware security features

This feature protects against unauthorized VSRP hello packets by enabling you to configure VSRP-aware security parameters. Without VSRP-aware security, a VSRP-aware device passively learns the authentication method conveyed by the received VSRP hello packet. The VSRP-aware device then stores the authentication method until it ages out with the aware entry.

The VSRP-aware security feature enables you to perform the following:

  • Define the specific authentication parameters that a VSRP-aware device will use on a VSRP backup switch. The authenticaiton parameters that you define will not age out.
  • Define a list of ports that have authentic VSRP backup switch connections. For ports included in the list, the VSRP-aware switch will process VSRP hello packets using hte VSRP-aware security configuration. Conversely, for ports not included in the list, the VSRP-aware switch will not use the VSRP-aware security processing.

Of the hello packets do not meet the acceptance criteria, the VSRP-aware device forwards the packets normally, without any VSRP-aware security processing.