Topology groups

A topology group is a named set of VLANs that share a Layer 2 topology. Topology groups simplify configuration and enhance scalability of Layer 2 protocols by allowing you to run a single instance of a Layer 2 protocol on multiple VLANs.

You can use topology groups with the following Layer 2 protocols:

  • MRP
  • VSRP
  • 802.1W

Topology groups simplify Layer 2 configuration and provide scalability by enabling you to use the same instance of a Layer 2 protocol for multiple VLANs. For example, if a RUCKUS device is deployed in a Metro network and provides forwarding for two MRP rings that each contain 128 VLANs, you can configure a topology group for each ring. If a link failure in a ring causes a topology change, the change is applied to all the VLANs in the ring topology group. Without topology groups, you would need to configure a separate ring for each VLAN.