User-configured peer information per LACP

RUCKUS ICX devices allow users to define their desired peers under the dynamic LAG configuration if they do not want the default first LACP trunk port to be defined as the LAG’s peer information record.

In certain cases, when ports of one dynamic LAG are connected to two different LACP peers (different system IDs, or same system ID with different key values), the device forms one LACP trunk per dynamic LAG and the other port is moved to the error disabled state. In a dynamic LAG, each member port stores a record of its peer’s LACP information (system priority, system ID, and system key) from the latest LACPDU it received. This information is known as the port’s peer information record. Because all member ports of an LACP trunk share the same local and peer information, the dynamic LAG's peer information record can be any one of its unique LACP trunk port’s peer information record (system priority, system ID, or system key). If a dynamic LAG has no associated LACP trunk, its peer information record is stored as NULL.

The peer-info command is used to configure the peer system ID and system key for a single dynamic LAG.

The following example specifies the desired LACP peer under the dynamic LAG configuration to be defined as the LAG’s peer information record.
device(config-lag-DUT1)# peer-info sys-mac 609c.609c.609c sys-pri 10 key 29999 
Config Peer info (system_priority=10,system_id=609c.609c.609c,system_key=29999) will replace existing dynamic Peer info (system_priority=1,system_id=609c.9f26.8d20,system_key=20001) for lag 1
Note: When there is no user configuration, the system makes sure there is only one LACP trunk within one dynamic LAG. It allows the first LACP trunk port’s LACP peer information record to be defined as the LAG’s peer information record.
Note: Run the show lag command to view information about the LACP peer's partner system ID (priority and MAC address) and partner system key.

Dynamic LACP syslog messages

The syslog messages in the following table are generated when dynamic LACP is configured in the system.
Table 1. Dynamic LACP syslog messages

Syslog message


<14>1d12h07m57s:System: dynamic lag interface 2/1/12's peer info (priority=1,id=0024.3821.5600,key=10000) mis-matches with lag's peer info (priority=1,id=0024.3821.5600,key=480), set to mismatch Error

The port 2/1/12 is set to the mismatch error state.

System: dynamic lag 100, has new peer info (priority=1, id=0024.3821.5600,key=480) (LACPduRcvd)\n

The system creates a new peer information record for dynamic LAG 100.