Error Disable Recovery

The error disable auto-recovery mechanism is used to bring the ports out of error-disabled state. You can use the speed-duplex command to change the configured speed of the member ports, which will result in an operational speed change implicitly. Depending on the peer speed duplex setting, either the port will come up in a negotiated operational speed or the port will remain remains down if the speed does not match the peer speed configuration. Using the speed-duplex command on VLAG interfaces flaps the LAG member ports and all member ports that came up will have some operational speed subsequently.

As different port types are bundled, their port speed capabilities, such as maximum speed and range of speeds supported, are not the same. Therefore, you can use the speed-duplex command only if all member ports can support the given speed value. If the configured speed cannot be supported on at least one member port, the speed-duplex command is rejected with an appropriate error message.

An interface error disabled for LAG operational speed mismatch can be recovered in the following ways:

  • Configure auto recovery timer for lag operational speed mismatch error disable reason.
  • Apply a speed change using the speed-duplex command at the LAG level to configure the speed and auto-recover the error-disabled interfaces in the LAG.
  • Disabling and enabling the interface LAG.
  • Disabling and enabling the errdisabled interface/member-port under lag-level.
  • Remove the error-disabled interface from the LAG to reset the error-disabled state and keep the port disabled.