Configuration notes and feature limitations for UDLD

  • UDLD is supported only on Ethernet ports.
  • UDLD can be enabled on only one VLAN for tagged port.
  • The link-keepalive protocol is not supported on Isolated or Community VLAN ports.
  • To configure UDLD on a LAG, you must enable and configure the feature on each port of the LAG individually.
  • Low UDLD link-keepalive interval and retry options are not recommended as they are more sensitive and prone to flaps.
  • When UDLD is enabled on a LAG port, LAG threshold is not supported.
  • Dynamic trunking is not supported. If you want to configure a LAG that contains ports on which UDLD is enabled, you must remove the UDLD configuration from the ports. After you create the LAG, you can re-add the UDLD configuration.
  • If MRP is also enabled on the device, RUCKUS recommends that you set the MRP preforwarding time slightly higher than the default of 300 ms; for example, to 400 or 500 ms. Refer to Changing the hello and preforwarding times.