Configuring authentication on VSRP interfaces

If the interfaces on which you configure the VRID use authentication, the VSRP packets on those interfaces also must use the same authentication.

A VSRP session must be configured and running.
If you configure your device interfaces to use a simple password to authenticate traffic, VSRP interfaces can be configured with the same simple password, and VSRP packets that do not contain the password are dropped. If your interfaces do not use authentication, neither does VSRP. Repeat this task on all interfaces on all devices that support the VRID.
  1. From privileged EXEC mode, enter global configuration mode.
    device# configure terminal
  2. Configure the VLAN on which a VSRP VRID is assigned.
    device(config)# vlan 100
  3. Enter the simple text password configuration.
    device(config-vlan-100)# vsrp auth-type simple-text-auth ourpword
  4. Verify the password.
    device(config-vlan-200)# show vsrp
    VLAN 200
     auth-type simple text password
     VRID 1
      State      Administrative-status Advertise-backup Preempt-mode save-current
      initialize enabled               enabled          true         false
      Parameter        Configured Current    Unit/Formula
      priority         100        0          (100-0)*(0.0/1.0)
      hello-interval   1          1          sec/1
      dead-interval    3          3          sec/1
      hold-interval    3          3          sec/1
      initial-ttl      2          2          hops
      Member ports:      ethe 1/1/1
      Operational ports: None
      Forwarding ports:  None
      Restart ports:     None