Tracking ports and setting the VSRP priority

Configuring port tracking on an exit path interface and setting a priority on a VSRP device enables VSRP to monitor the interface. If the interface goes down, the VRID’s VSRP priority is reduced by the amount of the track port priority you specify.

This capability is useful for tracking the state of the exit interface for the path for which the VRID is providing redundancy

  1. Enter the global configuration mode.
    device# configure terminal
  2. Optionally, globally enable VSRP.
    device(config)# router vsrp
  3. Configure a VLAN by assigning an ID to the VLAN.
    device(config)# vlan 200
  4. Configure the interfaces on which VSRP service is to be enabled by adding ports to the VLAN.
    device(config-vlan-200)# tagged ethernet 1/1/1 to 1/1/8
  5. Assign a VSRP VRID to the VLAN.
    device(config-vlan-200)# vsrp vrid 1
  6. Configure the track port and priority.
    device(config-vlan-200-vrid-1)# track-port ethernet 1/2/4 priority 4
    The priority value is used when a tracked port goes down and the new priority is set to this value. Ensure that the priority value is lower than the priority set for any existing master or backup device to force a renegotiation for the master device.