Configuring UDLD

Uni-Directional Link Detection (UDLD) monitors a link between two RUCKUS devices and brings the ports on both ends of the link down if the link goes down at any point between the two devices.

  1. Enable UDLD:
    • On a port for untagged control packets:
      device(config)# link-keepalive ethernet 1/1/1
    • On a trunk group:
      device(config)# link-keepalive ethernet 1/1/1 ethernet 1/1/2
    • To receive and send UDLD control packets tagged with a specific VLAN ID:
      device(config)# link-keepalive ethernet 1/1/18 vlan 22
      Note: You must configure the same VLANs that will be used for UDLD on all devices across the network; otherwise, the UDLD link cannot be maintained.
  2. (Optional) Change the link health-check packet send interval.
    device(config)# link-keepalive interval 4
  3. (Optional) Set how many retries a port to makes when sent health-checks receive no reply.
    device(config)# link-keepalive retries 10