Enabling IPv6 PIM Sparse on a Specific VRF

IPv6 PIM must be enabled globally and IPv6 PIM Sparse Mode (PIM SM) can be enabled for a specific virtual routing and forwarding instance (VRF).

By default, IPv6 PIM is disabled. To enable IPv6 PIM:

  • Enable the feature globally.
  • Configure the IPv6 interfaces that will use IPv6 PIM.
  • Enable IPv6 PIM DM locally on the ports that have the IPv6 interfaces you configured for IPv6 PIM.

To configure IPv6 PIM SM on a virtual routing instance (VRF), the VRF option and vrf-name variable are added to the ipv6 router pim command. All IPv6 PIM parameters available for the default router instance are configurable for a VRF-based IPv6 PIM instance.

  1. Enter global configuration mode.
    device# configure terminal
  2. Enable IPv6 PIM for a specific VRF.
    device(config)# ipv6 router pim vrf blue
    In this example, IPv6 PIM is enabled for the VRF named blue. The VRF must be created before you specify it in this task step or you will receive an error message stating that the VRF does not exist. The configuration example below provides example VRF configuration.

The following example creates a VRF named blue and enables IPv6 PIM for VRF blue.

device# configure terminal
device(config)# vrf blue
device(config-vrf-blue)# rd 11:1
device(config-vrf-blue)# exit
device(config)# ipv6 router pim vrf blue