Configuring IPv6 PIM Neighbor Filtering

Configure an ACL and apply it to an interface to control neighbor access.

  1. Configure an ACL named f10.
    device(config)# ipv6 access-list f10
    Identify the ACL as an ASCII string.
    Configures an ACL and enters ACL configuration mode.
  2. Configure ACL f10 to deny access to the device fe80::102.
    device(config-ipv6-access-list f10)# deny ipv6 host fe80::102 any 
    Note: In this case, fe80::102 is is the link-local address of the interface.
  3. Configure ACL f10 to permit access to all other devices.
    device(config-ipv6-access-list f10)# permit ipv6 any any
  4. Return to global configuration mode.
    device(config-ipv6-access-list f10)# exit
  5. Configure an Ethernet interface.
    Device(config)# interface ethernet 1/3/2
    Configures an interface and enters interface configuration mode.
  6. Configure a filter that applies ACL f10 to the interface.
    Device(config-if-e1000-1/3/2)# ipv6 pim neighbor-filter f10

    Prevents the host that is specified in ACL f10, fe80::102, from becoming an IPv6 PIM neighbor on the interface.