Configuring Fast Leave for MLDv1

When a device receives an MLDv1 leave message, it sends out multiple group-specific queries. If no other client replies within the waiting period, the device stops forwarding traffic to this port. Configuring fast-leave-v1 allows the device to stop forwarding traffic to a port immediately upon receiving a leave message. The device does not send group-specific queries. When fast-leave-v1 is configured on a VLAN, make sure you do not have multiple clients on any port that is part of the VLAN. In a scenario where two devices connect, the querier device should not be configured for fast-leave-v1, because the port might have multiple clients through the non-querier.

The following configuration example configures fast leave for MLDv1, use commands such as the following.

device(config)# vlan 22
device(config-vlan-22)# ipv6 multicast6 leave-wait-time 3
device(config-vlan-22)# multicast6 fast-leave-v1