MLD Snooping Modes

You can configure a Ruckus device for either active or passive (default) MLD mode. If you specify an MLD mode for a VLAN, the MLD mode overrides the global setting.

  • Active - In active MLD mode, a device actively sends out MLD queries to identify IPv6 multicast groups on the network, and makes entries in the MLD table based on the group membership reports it receives from the network.
  • Passive - In passive MLD mode, the device forwards reports to the router ports which receive queries. MLD snooping in passive mode does not send queries, but does forward queries to the entire VLAN.

To globally set the MLD mode to active, enter the ipv6 multicast active command. See the Configuring the MLD Snooping Mode and Version Globally task for more details.

Note: The ipv6 mld-snooping command is replaced by the ipv6 multicast command; the mld-snooping command is replaced by the multicast6 command.