IGMP Snooping Modes

You can configure active or passive IGMP modes on the Ruckus device. The default mode is passive. If you specify an IGMP mode for a VLAN, it overrides the global setting.

  • Active—When active IGMP mode is enabled, a Ruckus device actively sends out IGMP queries to identify multicast groups on the network, and makes entries in the IGMP table based on the group membership reports it receives.
Note: Routers in the network generally handle this operation. Use the active IGMP mode only when the device is in a stand-alone Layer 2 Switched network with no external IP multicast router attachments. In this case, enable the active IGMP mode on only one of the devices and leave the other devices configured for passive IGMP mode.
  • Passive—When passive IGMP mode is enabled, it forwards reports to the router ports which receive queries. IGMP snooping in the passive mode does not send queries. However, it forwards queries to the entire VLAN.