IGMP Snooping Configuration

Configuring IGMP snooping on a Ruckus device consists of the following global, VLAN-specific, and port-specific tasks:

Perform the following global IGMP snooping tasks:

  • Configuring the IGMP snooping software resource limits
  • Enabling IGMP snooping globally on the device
  • Configuring the global IGMP mode
  • Configuring the global IGMP version
  • Modifying the age interval for group membership entries
  • Modifying the query interval (active IGMP snooping mode only)
  • Modifying the maximum response time
  • Configuring report control (rate limiting)
  • Modifying the wait time before stopping traffic when receiving a leave message
  • Modifying the multicast cache age time
  • Enabling or disabling error and warning messages

Perform the following VLAN-specific IGMP snooping tasks:

  • Configuring the IGMP mode for a VLAN (active or passive)
  • Disabling IGMP snooping on a VLAN
  • Configuring the IGMP version for a VLAN
  • Configuring static router ports
  • Turning off static group proxy
  • Enabling IGMP V3 membership tracking and fast leave for the VLAN
  • Enabling fast leave for IGMP
  • Enabling fast convergence

Perform the following port-specific IGMP snooping task:

  • Configuring the IGMP version for individual ports in a VLAN