MLD Snooping Configuration

Configuring Multicast Listening Discovery (MLD) snooping on an IPv6 device consists of the following global and VLAN-specific tasks.

MLD snooping global tasks

  • Configuring hardware and software resource limits
  • Disabling transmission and receipt of MLD packets on a port
  • Configuring the MLD mode: active or passive (must be enabled for MLD snooping)
  • Modifying the age interval
  • Modifying the interval for query messages (active MLD mode only)
  • Specifying the global MLD version
  • Enabling and disabling report control (rate limiting)
  • Modifying the leave wait time
  • Modifying the mcache age interval
  • Disabling error and warning messages

MLD snooping VLAN-specific tasks:

  • Configuring the MLD mode for the VLAN: active or passive
  • Enabling or disabling MLD snooping for the VLAN
  • Configuring the MLD version for the VLAN
  • Configuring the MLD version for individual ports
  • Configuring static groups
  • Configuring static router ports
  • Disabling proxy activity for a static group
  • Enabling client tracking and the fast leave feature for MLDv2
  • Configuring fast leave for MLDv1
  • Configuring fast-convergence