Embedded Rendezvous Point

Global deployment of IPv4 multicast relies on Multicast Source Discovery Protocol (MSDP) to convey information about the active sources. Because IPv6 provides more address space, the RP address can be included in the multicast group address.

Note: The IPv6 group address must be part of the FF70:/12 prefix.

Embedded RP support is enabled by default. The following configuration examples disable embedded RP support.

To disable embedded RP support.

device(config)# ipv6 router pim
device(config-ipv6-pim-router)# no rp-embedded

To disable embedded RP support for a specified VRF.

device(config)# ipv6 router pim vrf blue
device(config-ipv6-pim-router-vrf-blue)# no rp-embedded