RFC 3513 and RFC 4007 compliance for IPv6 multicast scope-based forwarding

The IPv6 multicast implementation recognizes scopes and conforms to the scope definitions in RFC 3513. Per RFC 3513, scopes 0 and 3 are reserved and packets are not forwarded with an IPv6 destination multicast address of scopes 0 and 3. Additionally, scopes 1 and 2 are defined as Node-Local and Link-Local and are not forwarded. Thus, the implementation forwards only those packets with an IPv6 multicast destination address with scope 4 or higher.

RFC 4007 defines ‘scope zones’ and requires that the forwarding of packets received on any interface of a particular scope zone be restricted to that scope zone. Currently, the device supports one zone for each scope, and the default zone for scope 4 and higher consists of all interfaces in the system. Thus, the default zones for scope 4 and higher are the same size.