AAA security for commands pasted Into the running-config

If AAA security is enabled on the device, commands pasted into the running-config are subject to the same AAA operations as if they were entered manually.

When you paste commands into the running-config, and AAA command authorization or accounting, or both, are configured on the device, AAA operations are performed on the pasted commands. The AAA operations are performed before the commands are actually added to the running-config. The server performing the AAA operations should be reachable when you paste the commands into the running-config file. If the device determines that a pasted command is invalid, AAA operations are halted on the remaining commands. The remaining commands may not be issued if command authorization is configured.

Note: Since RADIUS command authorization relies on a list of commands received from the RADIUS server when authentication is performed, it is important that you use RADIUS authentication when you also use RADIUS command authorization.