Configuring MAC filter accounting

Steps to configure and display Layer 2 MAC filter accounting

For FastIron devices, ACL accounting is supported on Layer 2 MAC filters.
  1. To enable ACL accounting on a Layer 2 MAC filter, use the mac filter in the global configuration mode.
  2. To display MAC accounting information, use the show access list accounting command. The accounting statistics is collected every five seconds and is synchronized to remote unit(s) every one minute.
    device#show access-list accounting ethernet 3/1/2 in
    MAC Filters Accounting Information
        0: DA ANY SA 0000.0000.0001 - MASK FFFF.FFFF.FFFF
           action to take : DENY
         Hit Count:   (1Min)           			0    (5Sec)      0
                      (PktCnt)        			 0  (ByteCnt)     0
    65535: Implicit Rule deny any any
         Hit Count:   (1Min)            5028   (5Sec)    2129
                      (PktCnt)          5028 (ByteCnt)  643584
  3. To clear ACL accounting statistics for ACLs configured, choose one of the following options.
    • For ACLs configured on a specific interface, use the clear access list accounting command in the global configuration mode.
    • For all ACLs configured in the device, use the clear access list accounting all command in the global configuration mode.
    device(config)#clear access-list accounting ethernet 1/1/5 in
    device(config)#clear access list accounting all

The following example shows MAC filter "10" on which ACL accounting is enabled.

device(config)#mac filter 10 enable-accounting