SSH Version 2 Overview

Secure Shell (SSH) is a mechanism for allowing secure remote access to management functions on a RUCKUS device. SSH provides a function similar to Telnet. You can log into and configure the device using a publicly or commercially available SSH client program, just as you can with Telnet. However, unlike Telnet, which provides no security, SSH provides a secure, encrypted connection to the device.

The RUCKUS SSH2 implementation is compatible with all versions of the SSH2 protocol (2.1, 2.2, and so on). At the beginning of an SSH session, the RUCKUS ICX device negotiates the version of SSH2 to be used. The highest version of SSH2 supported by both the RUCKUS ICX device and the client is used for the session. Once the SSH2 version is negotiated, the encryption algorithm with the highest security ranking is selected for the session.

RUCKUS ICX devices also support Secure Copy (SCP) for securely transferring files between a RUCKUS ICX device and SCP-enabled remote hosts.

Note: The SSH feature includes software that is copyrighted by Allegro Software Development Corporation.

SSH2 is supported in the Layer 2 and Layer 3 codes.

SSH2 is a substantial revision of Secure Shell, comprising the following hybrid protocols and definitions:

  • SSH Transport Layer Protocol
  • SSH Authentication Protocol
  • SSH Connection Protocol
  • SecSH Public Key File Format
  • SSH Fingerprint Format
  • SSH Protocol Assigned Numbers
  • SSH Transport Layer Encryption Modes
  • SCP/SSH URI Format