SCP client

Secure copy (SCP) supports file transfer between local and a remote hosts. It combines the file-transfer element of BSD remote copy (RCP) with the authentication and encryption provided by the Secure shell (SSH) protocol.

The SCP client feature on RUCKUS ICX devices helps to transfer files to and from the SCP server and maintains the confidentiality of the data being transferred by blocking packet sniffers from extracting valuable information from the data packets. You can use SCP client to do the following:

  • Download a boot file, FastIron application image file, signature file, license file, startup configuration file, or running configuration from an SCP server
  • Upload a FastIron application image file, startup configuration file, or running configuration to an SCP server
  • Upgrade the PoE firmware by downloading a file from an SCP server

SCP client uploads the file to the SCP server (that is, the SSH server) by providing files to be uploaded. You can specify file attributes, such as permissions and time-stamps as part of file data when you use SCP client to upload files. It supports the same copy features as the timestamps, TFTP client feature on FastIron devices, but the SSH2 protocol secures data transfer.