Supported IETF attributes in RFC 5176

Describes the supported IETF attributes and error clause values.

Some of the supported IETF attributes are listed in the following table.

Table 1. Supported IETF attributes
Attribute Name Attribute Number Description
NAS-IP-Address 4 IPv4 address of NAS
NAS-Identifier 32 The port, where the session is terminated
NAS-IPv6-Address 95 IPv6 address of NAS
Calling-Station-Id 31 Link address from which sessions are connected
Filter-ID 11 Indicates the name of a data filter list to be applied for the sessions that the identification attributes map to.

Error clause values

When the NAS cannot honor the disconnect message and CoA requests, the NAS sends corresponding NAK responses. These responses must include the error clause attribute to provide more details on the possible cause of the problem. The format of this error clause attribute is the same as any other attribute and the value field consists of a 4-byte integer.

The error cause attribute values are organized in the following series:

  • 0-199 Reserved
  • 200-299 Successful completion
  • 300-399 Reserved
  • 400-499 Fatal errors committed by Dynamic Authorization Client (DAC)
  • 500-599 Fatal errors committed by Dynamic Authorization Server (DAS)
Table 2. Error clause values
Value Description
401 Unsupported attribute
402 Missing attribute
403 NAS identification mismatch
404 Invalid Request
405 Unsupported services
407 Invalid attribute value
501 Administratively prohibited (used when a CoA request or disconnect message is ignored because of configuration)
503 Session context not found
506 Resources unavailable