Displaying RADIUS configuration information

The show aaa command displays information about all TACACS/TACACS+ and RADIUS servers identified on the device.

device#show aaa
Tacacs+ key: foundry
Tacacs+ retries: 1
Tacacs+ timeout: 15 seconds
Tacacs+ Server: Port:49:
                opens=6 closes=3 timeouts=3 errors=0
                packets in=4 packets out=4
no connection
Radius key: networks
Radius retries: 3
Radius timeout: 3 seconds
Radius Server: Auth Port=1812 Acct Port=1813:
                opens=2 closes=1 timeouts=1 errors=0
                packets in=1 packets out=4
no connection

The following table describes the RADIUS information displayed by the show aaa command.

Table 1. Output of the show aaa command for RADIUS



Radius default key

The setting configured with the radius-server key command. At the Super User privilege level, the actual text of the key is displayed. At the other privilege levels, a string of periods (....) is displayed instead of the text.

Radius retries

The setting configured with the radius-server retransmit command.

Radius timeout

The setting configured with the radius-server timeout command.

Radius Server

For each RADIUS server, the IP address, and the following statistics are displayed:

Auth Port RADIUS authentication port number (default 1812)

Acct Port RADIUS accounting port number (default 1813)

  • opens - Number of times the port was opened for communication with the server
  • closes - Number of times the port was closed normally
  • timeouts - Number of times port was closed due to a timeout
  • errors - Number of times an error occurred while opening the port
  • packets in - Number of packets received from the server
  • packets out - Number of packets sent to the server


The current connection status. This can be "no connection" or "connection active".

The show web connection command displays the privilege level of Web Management Interface users.