Local user accounts

You can define up to 32 local user accounts on a RUCKUS device. User accounts regulate who can access the management functions in the CLI using the following methods:

  • Telnet access
  • Web management access
  • SNMP access
  • SSH access

Local user accounts provide greater flexibility for controlling management access to RUCKUS devices than do management privilege level passwords and SNMP community strings of SNMP versions 1 and 2. You can continue to use the privilege level passwords and the SNMP community strings as additional means of access authentication. Alternatively, you can choose not to use local user accounts and instead continue to use only the privilege level passwords and SNMP community strings. Local user accounts are backward-compatible with configuration files that contain privilege level passwords. Refer to Setting passwords for management privilege levels.

If you configure local user accounts, you also need to configure an authentication-method list for Telnet access, Web management access, and SNMP access. Refer to Authentication-method lists.

For each local user account, you specify a user name. You also can specify the following parameters:

  • A password
    Note: If you use AAA authentication for SNMP access and set the password same as the username, providing the password during authentication is optional. You can provide just the correct username for successful authentication.
  • A management privilege level, which can be one of the following:
    • Super User level (default) - Allows complete read-and-write access to the system. This is generally for system administrators and is the only privilege level that allows you to configure passwords.
    • Port Configuration level - Allows read-and-write access for specific ports but not for global parameters.
    • Read Only level - Allows access to the Privileged EXEC mode and User EXEC mode with read access only.
  • You can set additional username and password rules. Refer to Enhancements to username and password.