Displaying MKA protocol statistics for an interface

You can display a report on MKA protocol activity for a particular interface.

In privileged EXEC, global configuration, or dot1x-mka interface mode, enter the show dot1x-mka statistics ethernet command to display MKA protocol statistics for the designated interface.

device(config-dot1x-mka-1/3/3)# show dot1x-mka statistics ethernet 1/3/3

Interface                 : 1/3/3

MKA in Pkts               : 8585 
MKA in SAK Pkts           : 1 
MKA in Bad Pkts           : 0 
MKA in Bad ICV Pkts       : 0 
MKA in Mismatch Pkts      : 0 
MKA out Pkts              : 8687 
MKA out SAK Pkts          : 0 
Number of SAK             : 1