Prerequisites for Captive Portal support with Ruckus Cloudpath

The following are the prerequisites to support Captive Portal (external Web Authentication) on RUCKUS ICX devices.

The parameters in the following table are mandatory while creating a guest or web login page on the Ruckus Cloudpath server.

For more details related to Web Logins page creation, refer to the Cloudpath ES 5.2 Deployment Guide (at this URL:
Table 1. Mandatory parameters to be added on the Ruckus Cloudpath server
Fields Value Description
Redirect URL

Use this syntax for a single ICX switch:

http://<IP address>/Forms/webauth_cpss

Specifies the URL of the NAS device's login form.

Use POST Must be selected. Specifies the method to use while submitting the login form to NAS.
POST Parameters




Specifies the name of the username field for the login form, the name of the password field for the login form, and the destination field for the NAS device (the default URL value).

Other vendor-specific details are selected by default.

The following figure provides an example of the information required for Web Authentication Captive Portal Redirection.
Figure 1. Web Login configuration information