Enabling logging of management traffic permitted by MAC address filters

You can configure the RUCKUS device to generate Syslog entries and SNMP traps for management traffic that is permitted by MAC address filters. Management traffic applies to packets that are destined for the CPU, such as control packets. You can enable logging of permitted management traffic on a global basis or an individual port basis.

The first time an entry in a MAC address filter permits a management packet and logging is enabled for that entry, the software generates a Syslog message and an SNMP trap. Messages for management packets permitted by MAC address filters are at the warning level of the Syslog.

When the first Syslog entry for a management packet permitted by a MAC address filter is generated, the software starts a five-minute timer. After this, the software sends Syslog messages every five minutes. The messages list the number of management packets permitted by each MAC address filter during the previous five-minute interval. If a MAC address filter does not permit any packets during the five-minute interval, the software does not generate a Syslog entry for that MAC address filter.

Note: For a MAC address filter to be eligible to generate a Syslog entry for permitted management packets, logging must be enabled for the filter. The Syslog contains entries only for the MAC address filters that permit packets and have logging enabled.

When the software places the first entry in the log, the software also starts the five-minute timer for subsequent log entries. Thus, five minutes after the first log entry, the software generates another log entry and SNMP trap for permitted management packets.