MAC address filter override for 802.1X-enabled ports

The MAC address filtering feature on an 802.1X-enabled port allows 802.1X and non-802.1X devices to share the same physical port. For example, this feature enables you to connect a PC and a non-802.1X device, such as a Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone, to the same 802.1X-enabled port on the RUCKUS device. The IP phone will bypass 802.1X authentication and the PC will require 802.1X authentication.

To enable this feature, first create a MAC address filter, then bind it to an interface on which 802.1X is enabled. The MAC address filter includes a mask that can match on any number of bytes in the MAC address. The mask can eliminate the need to enter MAC addresses for all non-802.1X devices connected to the RUCKUS device, and the ports to which these devices are connected.