What’s new in this document

The following table includes descriptions of new information added to this guide for the FastIron 08.0.80 release.

Table 1. Summary of enhancements in FastIron release 08.0.80



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HTTPS image download and configuration download/upload

HTTPS support is added for the following:

  • Image download to the flash over HTTPS.
  • The downloading of a configuration file from the HTTPS server to the startup configuration file.
  • The uploading of a copy of the running configuration file or the startup configuration file from a FastIron device to a HTTPS server.
IPv4 ACLs The access-list command has been deprecated. All instances of the access-list command have been replaced with the ip access-list command. ACLs
no-login keyword addition to the RADIUS server definition. The keyword specifies that the RADIUS server cannot be used for login features such as TELNET, SSH, CONSOLE, EXEC, or Web-management AAA. The command allows you to designate one server for NAC and another server for 802.1X authentication. Excluding the RADIUS server for all login features
Flexible authentication enhancements

These Flexible authentication enhancements have been added:

  • Single host authentication
  • Multiple host authentication
  • Tagged VM client authentication
  • Additional Change of authorization commands (Disable Port, Flip Port, Reauth Host)
  • Information on Ruckus Vendor Specific Attributes for RADIUS
  • MAC authentication support for the RADIUS user-name attribute
  • New configuration commands, including auth allow-tagged enable, auth auth-mode, auth-mode, dot1x macauth-override, and mac-authentication dot1x-disable.
  • New show authentication commands that integrate output for 802.1X and MAC authentication. and new commands for clearing authentication information: clear authentication sessions and clear authentication statistics.
Flexible Authentication