SCP client support limitations

SCP client sessions are limited by file size and by whether other SCP client sessions are running and by whether SC server sessions are in progress.

The following limitations apply to SCP client sessions:

  • An SCP copy of the running or startup configuration file from a RUCKUS ICX device to Linux WS 4 or 5 may fail if the configuration size is less than 700 bytes.
  • Only one SCP client session is supported at a time.
  • An SCP client session cannot be initiated if an SCP server session is in progress.
  • An SSH client outbound session cannot be initiated if an SCP client session is in progress from the same terminal.
  • Uploading and downloading public or private key files is not supported.
  • Downloading signature files is not supported.
  • When transferring files between devices under test (DUTs), the following limitations apply:
    • When using a binary image copy to transfer files between DUTs, you should configure the flash:primary keyword rather than the primary keyword because the SCP server does not support remote-filename aliases. See the description of the copy scp flash or the copy flash scp command for more information.
    • Be sure to download the compatible configurations when you transfer startup configuration or running configuration files copy between DUTs because the overwrite option is restricted.
    • Copying power over Ethernet (POE) firmware between two DUTs is not supported.
    • During Image copy between two mixed stacking units, KX image copy is not supported and cant upload the KX image from mixed stacking to Linux or Windows servers.
    • Bootrom image copy between two DUTs is not supported.
    • License copy between two DUTs is not supported.
    • Manifest file copy between two DUTs is not supported.