Common Windows Phone Issues

If you encounter certain issues with enrollments on your Windows Phone, you may need to contact the network help desk.

Delete Network

Sometimes, the SSID retains old settings. You might try deleting the network and reconfiguring it. To delete the network, tap and hold the network name, then tap delete.

Device Can’t Connect

If you receive a message that the phone cannot connect the secure network, this typically means that there is a problem with your configuration.

Figure 1. Device Can't Connect

Be sure that your selections on the Wi-Fi configuration page match the settings provided on the Other Operating Systems tab. Refer to Windows Phone Configuration Instructions for more information.

Use these settings:
  • Connect using certificate.
  • Choose a certificate to match the Client Certificate in the configuration instructions.
    Figure 2. Choose A User Certificate
  • Server Certificate Validation must be certificate authority.
  • Choose the Root CA Certificate to match the configuration instructions.
    Figure 3. Choose A Root CA Certificate
  • Select TLS for the EAP method.
    Figure 4. EAP Method