Support Commands

The support commands enable or disable the support tunnel.

Table 1. support commands
Command Description
support activate-ui-recovery

Activates a temporary password, which allows you to log into the Cloudpath Admin UI with the recovery username. This command requires the service password. The recovery user credentials are only valid for 5 minutes.

support database login

Allows you to log into the database. The password for this command is only available to support staff.

support database reset-schema

Resets the status of the last database schema version.

support database schema-version

Lists the database schema version.

support database shrink

Depending on the size of the database, this operation may take some time to complete.

support database view-size

Displays the amount of data n the database.

support https restore certificate

Resets HTTPS to self-signed certificate.

support https restore ciphers-and-protocols

Resets https to default SSL ciphers and protocol.

support support-tunnel enable

Start support tunnel on port 8022.

support support-tunnel disable

Stop support tunnel.

support system apply-patches

Applies patches for the current version. The system will reboot.

support system benchmark

Perform CPU and disk IOtests.

support system clean-disk

The Cloudpath runs a clean-disk script on a schedule. This command allows an administrator to clean up the jboss.log manually.