Replication Commands

The replication commands are designed for members of the support team to use for troubleshooting. Customers would typically not be required to run these commands unless requested by the support team

Note: In most cases, gathering log data using the Collect Replication Logs button on the Cloudpath Admin UI is sufficient for troubleshooting purposes.
Table 1. replication commands



Parameters and Examples

replication force- cleanup Forces the removal of the replication setup.

No parameters.

replication force-cleanup
replication replicator Perform an operation on the replication server.

[start ][stop][restart ][status][offline ][online]

replication replicator restart


replication replicator status
replication how-cluster

Displays the state of the cluster.

No parameters.

replication show-cluster
replication show-log

Show log.

No parameters.

replication show-log
replication trepctl

Performs an operation on a service (ex. alpha, bravo, charlie).

[FQDN of the server node][service name][status/online/offline]

 replication trepctl alpha status 


replication trepctl bravo offline
replication validate-cluster

Displays whether replication can be set up on this server.

Note: This command should only be used before replication is set up.

No parameters.

replication validate-cluster